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Your Brain at Work by David Rock (Summary)

The book emphasis on the hardships of our brain goes through at certain moments. Its main focus is on how we can control the things we can and let the brain do its proper job. Our daily challenges take our brain’s power away and it gets exhausted making it perform low for the next time. Let’s discuss what this book teaches us in this short summary.

“We all often think about what’s easy to think about, rather than what’s right to think about.”

__ David Rock.


Dr. David is a professional writer who helped more than 10,000 people with his training and lectures. He has a Neuroscience and leadership background that helped a lot of people to make the most of their brain’s use.

Basically, if you read the book thoroughly, you will read the daily basis life experiences of Emily and Paul who are just fictional characters of the book. But this concept let people understand their brain activities and performances better. The best lessons that we get to learn from the book are as follows;

Thinking ability is restricted and multitasking can kill your brain

Multitasking is a very good thing. It is considered as a part of high intelligence but it affects your brain in a very bad way. It makes your brain lose its energy by 50% which is too much. Your thinking can exhaust too just like your willpower when used at a high rate.

Give your brain a break and don’t keep too much pressure on it. It’s just as same as when you don’t sleep for 48 hours and experience the extreme low activity of your body for the next couple of hours. This is what happens when we don’t give our brain a rest and balance.

Improve yourself from the day before and boost your brain

Many times we argue with others and we feel awesome when we win any one of them. Even a little phrase that we say better than others, gives us so relief. This can be more effective if we argue with our-self and make our-self better than before.

When we experience this feeling we go through a process in our brain. Two hormones Dopamine and Serotonin, involved in our happiness levels, go up and the hormone that causes stress, goes down. Our brain uses the same hormones to perceive anything that comes from another person, so it will work the same if we assess things about ourselves result in much improved and fast processing of our brain.

Help others to make them solve their problems on their own

You have seen even yourself, how you tell people to do something in order to solve their issue. They will take ages to implement that idea just because they don’t have their own belief in it. Even if they have come and asked for the solutions. This is only because of trust issues. Sometimes we don’t put other’s ideas to our problems only because we don’t see anything logical, even if the solution is working.

The best way is to go to that person and tell him to show you the problem. Solve it together and reduce his anxiety and stress so that his brain gets open to understand the logical reasoning and solutions. The same solution will work for him this time.


The summary tells not all the information and lessons the book has. This one is highly recommended and you should give it a full read as it will tell you much more about your brain and its processing.

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