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You can, if you believe, you can

“Don’t let anyone tell you, you cannot do something”- Chris Gardner

“Don’t let anyone tell you, you cannot do something”- Chris Gardner

Belief is one thing that can change the entire world, belief is something that can transform impossible into possible, and it can give you the power to do those things that no one else can do in the entire world. It does not matter how tough or complicated any work is, if you believe, you can do that, even if everyone else in the world is against you.

Edison believed he could illuminate houses and factories in the night with ease. No one believed him apart from himself. He organized a team of experts, did years of research and finally came up with a light bulb that revolutionized the entire world. The world we see it as today is because of on reasons, Edison believed he could, and he did.

Henry Ford believed he could create cars that will replace trains and other ways of local and long distance commuting. He also believed one-day cars would be very affordable for common people with good quality and mass production. Everyone else said, it is not possible but he believed it, and he did that.

Right brothers and many people before him believed humans could fly. Apart from few out of the box thinkers, everyone considered them crazy. But they had a belief on them, and they gave the first flying machine to the world. Thanks to this belief, more than 1.2 million people are in the air at the moment.

We can make an entire library for such examples or achievements, where the whole world said something is not possible, but one crazy person believed on that thing. That crazy person believed on the idea with all of the heart, that person invested all of his energy in it and transformed that into reality.

So, it does not matter how complicated your idea is, or how many people claim you cannot do it. If you believe, you can then don’t listen what entire world says about it and do it with all of your heart. And when you will do it with belief, then you will have success as well.

In the last, I would repeat the same thing again.

You can, if you believe you can.


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  1. Im intrested to your videos because m bo saari chije karta hu jo v app video m dikhate than m or v confidant ho jaata hu so thank you for this im only 23 age but mere pass aj bo sb kuch h jo 23 age baala imagine v ni kr skta mere pass utna kuch v ni h but haa m bahut khus hu us ab se😊

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