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The World without Us by Alan Weisman

Seeing a world without human being is a thought everyone has in their mind at least once. This book is all about the consequences and aftereffects of the extinction of human being. There are a lot of Hollywood movies that you have been watched, could be based on this book. Movies such as I am Legend, The day after tomorrow etc. Weisman was so much worried about the future so that he wrote this book to realize human race about the future outcomes of our actions today. Let’s discuss some lessons in details.


“Without us, Earth will abide and endure; without her, however, we could never be.”

— Alan Weisman.

The World without us is a warning call for all of us to be careful about our behaviors and actions. What will happen to the animals, plants and all the man-made creations? If human extinction ever happened. Weisman enlightened a lot of possible images in his book but we’ll discuss some best ones.

  1. Plastic Everywhere.
  2. Predators Everywhere.
  3. Little to no humans will live.


  1. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, so it will be everywhere

Since we all know that plastic cannot be biodegrade, so World will be filled with plastic everywhere. After the extinction, everything will back to its natural form. The human bodies will decay and the bones will become soil with time. But plastic will be there because man-made plastic is something that cannot be destroyed. Rains will surely make them smaller but they won’t disappear.

There are over 5000 factories that generate plastic only in India today. We should be careful about what we are doing to our future.

  1. Predators will be around and small animals will be their prey.

There’s a lot of things that affect animals if humans around. Animals become pets and more friendly than ever. Without humans, they will not even find a good piece of food for them. When there will be a lot of food available for predators then they will move towards cities and towns to eat the flesh of their prey. Many wild animals like tigers, lions, bears and crocodile will be around and finish what they’ll get to eat.

Cities will turn into forests and animals would be living there instead of humans. But not for too long they will stand because when there will be no food for them, they will die eventually.

  1. Humans and their creations will not stay for long

Talking about human creations, when there will be no humans around, nobody will take care of the building and monuments too. Most of the buildings will wither by water and winds. Only some of the buildings will stand but not for long. There will be killer waves of water and winds that these buildings will not bear.

The little exceptions like the great pyramid of Giza or Mount Rushmore in Dakota will be there. Along with some special materials like gold, platinum or copper. Statue of liberty, which is made up of copper, which will make it stay much longer.

So we should think what we are spending for our future.

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