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Six Ways You Can Get Rid of Holiday Weight Gain

It’s very common to gain weight when you have nothing to do. Holidays make us prone to gain some pounds. Our body gets greedy for scrumptious food with empty mind and hands, so gaining pounds is obvious. Simply saying, in the holiday season is what we are afraid of. But there are ways you can avoid gaining those pounds and still eat as you like.

Fill your Mind not Tummy

Let your brain tell you that it’s time to stop eating anymore. The holiday season is the time of feast and nobody wants to keep their track diet on their holidays. So eat to the fullest until your mind let you know about the stop mark. Eat slowly and focus on every bite you eat. This way your body will take all its time to tell you where to stop and you won’t eat too much as a result.

Let Water be your diet

Water consumption is healthy and useful for your body as well as it’s a major contributor in your diet. It makes you have a feeling of fullness and you don’t have to eat more to make your tummy full. However, sometimes you drink other liquids like alcohol, juices or sweetened soft drinks, this will give you extra calories than water. Drink more water to avoid gaining extra pounds.

Add Fruits and Vegetables to your diet

As simple as that, fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals and low in calories. Eat more green and stay healthy. It’s a very common and annoying advice because green veggies don’t taste good. But there are many ways you can add taste to your green plants. Google the dishes of salads and recipes for making delicious green healthy snacks.

Use small serving pots

It’s a very effective way of eating less if taken properly in use. Use small plates and small servings for your food and drinks both. This will take you to the exception of having extra pounds. This idea is also effective for food waste. There will less waste of food. If you still feel hungry, then use half of that serving for next round.

Keep your weight’s record

What’s most harmful is your weight gain that is hard to lose. You need to keep a record of your weight, especially in holiday season. It’s when you miss most of your care and weight gain progress very fast. Every inch that will increase, will let you take a step away from your perfect body.

Play and Move

Extra calories require extra movements. You eat out of the plan then you must go out and play a lot so that you can get rid of those calories as soon as possible. Exercise is important but playing can play an effective and fast role in your weight loss process. It doesn’t have to be a boring one. Just pick a play that best suits you and that you have interest in. Take that in and go out always.

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