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How To Win Any Argument, 8 Practical Tips

8 tips that can help you get to win any argument

Most of us do not want to get into an argument, but sometimes things get too messy, and we end up being in dispute with other people. Once we are in an argument, we do not want to lose it, and we wish to win the argument in any condition. Thankfully some simple tactics are there that can help you get to win any argument, and I am sharing 8 of those tips below with you.

Do Not Try To Win

When you attack someone’s ideas or opinions, you send them into fight or flight mode. In that condition, you will have few chances for yourself. You should allow people to speak as much as and listen to them carefully. The more they will speak, more likely they will make a mistake and you will have higher chances to win the argument. Once you find a mistake in their communication, you can hold that point, and you can attack it.

Do Not Lose your Calm

You must understand that in an argument you could be right, but you have equal chances of being wrong as well. Therefore, you should listen when others are trying to say, and you shall respect their opinion or point of views. Even if sound ridiculous to you, make sure you listen and understand it. When you say something, make sure you do not disrespect other people in your tone or words. Showing respect in an argument gives you an edge, and you can have higher chances of winning the argument.

Have Confidence Even If You Are Wrong

In a study, experts proved that people do not listen to the smartest person in the room. Instead of that, they listen and trust the most confident person in the room. Even many smart people will lose their argument against confident one. When you are in an argument, make sure you do not lose your confidence. If you know you are wrong, but you want to win the argument, then speak confidently in a civilized manner. It will certainly help you win the argument.

Ask Open-Ended Question

In an argument, you should never ask the close ended question from other people. Once you ask close-ended questions, you go on the defence mode, but if you ask open-ended questions, you simply take their opinion for the matter. Thanks to that opinion from them, you will be able to have a better decision in the argument, and you can have a strong position.

Do Not Focus on Why, But Focus on How And What

In an argument, many times you need to counter other people’s point of view or opinion or you need to prove you are right. When you counter others idea, it is strongly recommended that you focus on what and how. Why leads to you to the problem and how or what can lead you to a solution. This solution-oriented approach positively helps you to win an argument.

Use Data And Fact to Prove Your Point

If you want to prove your point, then you should have the backing of data and proof for that. You are in an argument because people do not have trust on your opinion or point of view. In this situation, if you share some data or proof from other trusted entity to prove anything that you just said, then people will have to believe in your words. Needless to say, if you can prove your point with data, you can win the argument as well.

Think Logically Before Speaking Anything

Speaking less with logical explanation is another key point to win any argument. When you speak less, you think before speaking, you utter only those words from your mouth that matter, and you get the outstanding results as well. This might need some practice before you can implement it in action. But once you develop this skill, you will never lose any argument with anyone.

Think About Resolution Instead Of Winning

This is possibly the most crucial step that you need to remember to resolve a conflict. If you just want to win, you might make it worse. Your desire of winning will not allow you to think clearly and if you are wrong, your desire will not allow you to accept your mistake. Because of this clouded judgment, neither you will be able to win the argument, nor will you find a resolution. But if your focus is on the resolution of argument, you can resolve it, and you can win the moment as well.

In this entire process, you must understand this simple rule that you respect others with all of your heart. You keep yourself open for the change of opinion and if you find you were wrong, accept it with an open heart. If you can follow above-mentioned tips, you can certainly get over any heated talk with smiling face on all participants.

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