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How to stay happy? 10 ways to be a happy all time in your life

How To Stay Happy? 10 Ways To Be A Happy All Time In Your Life

Happiness or joy is the absolute status of our soul, yet most of us fail to achieve this experience in our life. Because of this sadness or unhappy feeling, most of the people do not get the desired success as well in their life. Thankfully being happy is not so much difficult and here I am sharing 10 ways that can tell you how to stay happy in life all the time.

1. Change your thinking and live in present

Most of the people stay unhappy in their life because of their thinking habits. They either worry about the future that is yet to come, or they keep thinking about the good or bad time of their past. Worrying about the past of future gives you nothing but worries and unhappiness in your life. You can change this situation just by living in the present time. Appreciate and enjoy everything that you have right now, stop worrying about the past because that time is already gone and you do not have any control over it. Also, you do not have much control over your future as well, and your current actions will shape your future.

Therefore, it’s a smart move that you live as if now is everything in your hand. Do everything assuming this is the last day of your life. When you have this attitude for life, then you will not have regrets for things that you failed to do in the past, and you will not have painful expectations as well from your future.

2. Show gratitude for things that you have

All the unhappy people have a common habit, they keep complaining about things that they do not have, and they never appreciate the things that they have. If you have this nature, then you need to change your opinion. You should show gratitude for all the things that you have in your life. Additionally, you can also use a gratitude journal in which you can write everything good or positive about your day. Once you start doing that, you will feel more positivity in your life, and you will have happiness as well.

3. Decide what actually matters in your life

If you want to know about the things that matter most to you in life, then picture yourself on the deathbed. When you will do this, then you will realize happiness, love, and peace always matter at the end of the life. With this thought, you will not get angry on small things, you would treat others with love and respect, and will avoid fighting over silly matters. Needless to say, you will have happiness as well in your life.

4. Don’t drag small things

If you have a habit of dragging little things, then happiness will always stay away from you. To stay happy all the time, you should learn to ignore small things. Holding on small things will transform it into bigger issues, it will waste your time, and you will lose your happiness as well. For example, someone cut you off in nasty traffic, then you can either make it a big issue, or you can ignore assuming nothing happened. If you make it a big issue, it will affect only you, and if you ignore it, then you can get back into things that actually matter in your life.

5. Do it if needs to be done

There are several things in our life that we don’t want to do, but we have no escape for that. If you do not move forward from this kind of situations, then it is of no use to procrastinate the task. Procrastination of the work will reduce your energy level, it will exhaust your mind, and it will give you stress as well. These problems will make you unhappy, and finishing that task can help you get back your happiness easily.

6. Make changes in your life

Many people complaint about bad things in their life, yet they are not ready to change them. If something doesn’t make you happy and you are still doing it, then it is solely your mistake, and you should change this approach. If your job makes you unhappy, find a new job, if you and your partner are not happy together avoid stretching that relationship and this list can keep going. Indeed, it is easier said than actually doing it, but if you don’t do it, then you will not have happiness as well. So, it is advised that you make changes in your life to stay happy all the time.

7. Stop comparing yourself with others

No one has everything in the world, and same applies to you as well. If you compare yourself with others, you will always stay unhappy, and you will not be able to enjoy what you have in your possession. For example, your neighbor bought a new car, and you have your car that you got a few months back. Now if you start craving for the new car that you neighbor bought, then you won’t enjoy your existing car, and once you get the new car, then this whole episode might start again. But if you do not compare yourself with others in any way and you enjoy what you have, then it will make you a happier person.

8. Say no to unwanted things

If you have a habit of saying yes to everything or every question, then I bet you are not happy in your life. To have ultimate happiness in your life, you should say no to all those things that do not matter to you. Also, if you want to say no to something never say yes to it. This simple action can keep you away from many terrible situations, and you can preserve your happiness. If you have the liberty to choose only one action out of all these 10 suggestions, then follow this one and you will instantly start experiencing joy and pleasure in everything that you do.

9. Appreciate all of your important relationships

We all have some meaningful relationships including friends, married partner or someone special in our life. However, most of us do not appreciate these relationships until we lose them. To have real pleasure and joy in life, it is imperative that you always appreciate all of your valuable relationships. This simple action will keep you motivated, and you will always have someone side by you in your good and bad time.

10. Do not bind your emotions

When people face the annoying situation, then most of the people bind their emotions instead of showing their anger or reaction to the world. If you keep doing that, then it will make you an unhappy person, and you will have to hold all responsibilities for that. This binding or holding of your emotions will increase your blood pressure, stress level and it can lead you to several health problems as well. So, if you encounter a situation where you need to register a reaction, do not hold yourself, register your complaint and take action to have the desired happiness in your life. And if you cannot do anything for a situation, then don’t keep it to yourself, share the agony with your friends or loved one, write it in a journal or post it on the internet. With this action, you will feel relaxed, and you will be able to get over with the situation easily.

Some of these tips may sound non-practical to you, but once you start implementing them, then you will realize how amazing these methods are. Also, most of these tips are easy to follow without affecting your lifestyle so, you can easily follow them, and you can be happy in your life with ease.


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