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How to Find Investors for your Startup

A new startup is making its place among the business community with every passing minute. Youngsters are making their way towards business opportunities instead of looking for jobs. This change is opening doors to more productivity and success rate. Along with these emerging revolution, not everyone can afford the expenses on their own. So they try to find investors or most of them do part-time or full time jobs until they build up their own empire.

In this leading era, big enterprises and businessmen tend to provide enormous range of support financially. These days it a lot more easy to find an investor through various channels. The individual only will have to show desired capabilities and certain requirements. Here are some of the helpful platforms where an individual can find an investor.

Crowd Funding

This method has proven to be most worth trying. People with strong start-up proposals and developing methods, landed completing more funds than they applied for. Try using all crowd funding platforms like kick starter, Google ventures and others.

Online Angel Investors

These kind of investors are the people who can be from your friends or family or people from different online forums. Angel investors also called seed investors or silent investor. They invest in small or medium enterprises with a fixed one time amount to support their start-up. In return they ask for an ownership equity or convertible debt.

Accelerator Programs

Many firms and industries related to specific fields, often organize accelerator programs to support newly graduate students and compatible individuals with their start-ups in exchange of equity. This platform is getting more and more common and effective by the time. Even Universities and educational departments are offering these kind of programs.

Incubation Centers

This is another good and effective way for individuals to find investors. These kind of platforms are kind of incubator companies that help new and developing startups with management, strategic training and office space. They don’t fully finance the idea, rather they provide all the strategic support. Incubation center works when hundreds of startups get together in an exhibition and propose their idea. The best ones get selected and move on with the support from companies.

Online Lending Platforms

Last but not the least, every start-up face failures in their start. They seek funding through different platforms including Banks. But we know that bank loans become headaches sooner or later. Therefore lending online is a better way as compared to lending from banks. There are a lot of websites which help entrepreneurs getting loans from people around the globe in exchange of simple equity or an interest percentage. Some of the great websites are Prosper, Trust Leaf, and Lending Club etc.

These are some best options right now. If you find it useful then share your thoughts in the comments.

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