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How Daily Meditation Heals Stress and Anxiety


This topic cover details for two things; meditation and stress. Both stress and anxiety can lead to serious and hazardous consequences if not treated. So it’s not always necessary to consume medication and psychotherapies for them. Meditation can also help healing them on time and as fast as the medications do. Here’s how.

What’s Meditation?

It’s a practice to achieve mentally clear and calm state by focusing on a very positive thought or a specific object. This technique has been a part of the human era since ancient times. This supposed to be the most effective technique for people who wanted to be in a state where there is no outer world.

Morning Sickness and Stress

People working with tough hours, face anxiety and stress more often and mostly experience them in the morning. To deal with this brain hijack, one should do a little exercise before getting off their bed. Particularly sit where you are, keeping your head stiff but easy and let all the calm thoughts come in. To do so breathe deeply and feel your breath leading it to your heart and mind. Do this for at least 15 minutes every morning.

Treating Sudden Anxiety Seizures

This is a very common phenomena that can erect anytime an anxious thought strikes. Different people try different methods to calm this situation down but the best one that always work is very simple but solely depend on the person himself. To avoid such situation the best practice is to perform a counting on fingers taking deep breaths with each finger count.

Always Capture a Happy Moment in Mind

Not every moment is a happy moment. Figure out how much it affect your mental state and take a note of it. Keep it inside your memory and take it out with eyes closed, whenever you encounter with anxious thoughts.

Meditation Using Different Methods

Meditation can be done by various methods. Some of them are listed below.

  • Meditation Through Music
  • Scanning own body
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Aromatherapy
  • Meditation of love


Changes in Brain through Meditation

Let’s discuss a detailed argument on how meditation effects your brain that leads to heal the brain from stress and anxiety. There are four parts of brain called meditators associated with healthy brain functions while one of them tends to shrink when nurtured, called Amygdala. Some of the parts are as follows in detail;


This part tend to shrink when it’s nurtured and shows less signs of stress and anxiety. Amygdala is responsible for all the emotional feelings including anxiety, fear and stress etc. The more it gets smaller the more it releases stress and meditation helps decreasing its size thus making you much more at peace.


Pons is responsible for all the essential functions including sleep, facial expressions, sensory processes and basic physical functioning. Meditation directly effects pons and strengthens it.


This part of brain involves in learning. It holds all the tools we use for our memory and cognitive abilities. Meditation helps build its cortical thickness and gray matter density thus making it more nurtured.


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