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Creating everlasting rules to achieve unremarkable success

It is a former example in Arizona that one can never allow his donkey to rest bathtub because it’s not legal. But still donkeys are doing so!

It is illegal to oath within the largest city in Maryland, the Baltimore’s boundary.

A rule is “a set of regulations or principles governing conduct of an activity” Although the above examples are true but in reality, these doesn’t exist. Apart from its humorous nature, another reason for non-existing of this rule today is that it’s outdated. The donkey law was set about 100 years back from today, after a particular event taking into account a donkey in bathtub.

Old rules are more likely to be shattered

One of the most genuine obstacles of not applying the rule today is that it is outdated. It is just as similar as an example of food item that has an expiry date. Such rules are applicable in earlier but in the later age these are fail to apply just because they don’t fit in the modern resolution of society. Most of its credit goes to our mindsets. We are, generally attract toward latest and moderns things than the old ones. For example I know that I don’t need to update my phone every year but I do so, because latest phones are seems likely to solve my problems in a better way. That’s why latest technologies get out attentions.

Our attraction toward newness is natural for exploring new things that may overcome the drawbacks of old ones. But this is not all time productive. Sometimes old ideas and practices are more useful such as exercising, morning walk, cleaning your house and so on.  Let me give an example:

If someone says: “FROM NOW, I WILL DO EXERCISE FOR 30 MIN DAILY AT 7AM.” He may practice it 4 days or a week or two, but later he may not confirm it regularly. Don’t take it personal. If you think I’m pointing toward you, remember at first who is writing this statement. I’malso bas at doing the things which I want to do, that’s why I need a good plan of action to get overcome my own liabilities.

So, I got these two strategies to follow your own rules.

  1. Make your rules fresh each day

Instead of following the rule you set a month ago, make fresh one and stat following it. This change may lead you toward betterment for achieving a goal or having even a better life style. Let me tell you how can you make fresh rules or update old ones.

  • Old rule: “I will do exercise daily after work hours”
  • Fresh Rule: “Before leaving my work place, I will plan to exercise in that evening.

Have you noticed the difference? Both are sets of your plan of action but the new one is easy to follow. This is actually what I want to tell you that you can have much benefit from making “fresh rules” or “refreshing the old ones.”

Alternate option:

If you still want to have a fixed principle, such as doing exercise daily after work, set a backup plan. The more flexible your rules can be, the less likely to breakable they are.

  1. Be strict in Reliability but flexible in implementation

Laws and principles are not meant to be fixed at any cost. Some people think that if they strictly follow a rule, they will succeed. Rigid implementation may bring difficulties to follow the rules. So why do you move to have a pinching stressed life?  If you are flexible in processing the work, that will also give the same result that you wished to gain after following the rigid plan of action. Always remember that: “Way of processing and reliability can’t both be rigid at the same time. One of them must be flexible to respect other’s rigidity.”

There are two types of runners for a race.

  • Runner 1 is running with rigid processing in mind­. He is running in straight line with using same technique in every race. He cares about technique.
  • Runner 2 is running with rigid reliability in mind. He knows what he has to do to win, whatever the method he adopt for it. Because he cares about winning the race.

The difference between two runners is that Runner 2, Unlike Runner 1, knows that life is unpredictable and changing at every moment. He expects to have some hurdles in his way but he has a backup plan to overcome that difficulty.


Commitment towards achieving success is good, but be flexible in your method of execution. Don’t predetermine exactly to win or loss. Just visualize how you can go through it in a comfortable way. Do whatever you want to commit to win but be flexible in execution to work on it tomorrow. The process may change but the outcome will be the same.



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