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5 Best Books For Beginners In Share Market

5 Best Books For Beginners In Share Market

If you ask about the best advice from financial experts, then they all will suggest you to start investing early. With the early investment, you get the benefit of compound interest, higher returns on investment, and growth of overall asset with long term planning. A few years of early investment in the stock market can make a gigantic difference in your retirement fund. But when it comes to investment, then people do not know where to invest and how to invest wisely. Here I am going to share five must read books for beginners in share market, and they should do any investment only after reading these books.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

In the realm of investment there are few basic concepts that you need to learn before taking any action. These things are assets, liabilities, financial independence, tax saving, planning and execution of financial goals. “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki is the best book to understand these concepts. Also, this book can tell you if common beliefs about assets or liabilities are true to their actual meaning or not. So, if you want to start investing, make sure you read this book and if you are already investing your money and you haven’t read it until now, then stop doing everything else, buy this book from here and read it before investing any more money.

2. Beating The Street

Peter lynch is known as one of the best hedge fund manager and stock market investor of the 20th century. He started as an intern in an investment firm in the 60s, and a decade later he was managing Magellan Fund that was close to $18 million. In next few year the asset value of this fund increases several hundred times, and in the year 1990, it was estimated $18 billion. Credit for this growth goes to Peter Lynch, and he explained all his knowledge in his book “Beating the street” and if you are going to invest in share market, then make sure you read this book first.

3. The Intelligent Investor

This is a must read book for beginners in share market and for experts as well. This book is recommended by Warren buffet to understand the concepts of the share market, and that recommendation itself makes it so much valuable. “The Intelligent Investor” Was written by Benjamin Graham who is also popular as “Father of Value-investing.” This book tells you almost everything about the stock market in a simple manner, and that is what makes it a special and must read this book.

4. The Essays Of Warren Buffet

Warrant buffet is possibly the most successful investor around the world. He got all his net worth by investing wisely in share market. He is an idol for every investor, and a young investor should learn the basics and deeper secrets of stock market investing by the legend. “The Essay’s of Warren Buffet gives you insights of share trading, and you can learn more from this book compared to any other book. Thus, you should consider this as the best stock market investment book for beginners.

5. How To Make Money in Stocks

This book by William O’Neil is one of the bestselling books in its domain. This book teaches you ways to make money in the stock market in seven simple steps. This book gives you various strategies and techniques that can help you build wealth that you always dreamt. This book not only helps you in the stock market, but it gives you helpful information for mutual funds investment as well that makes it a fantastic book.

I would advise you to read all these books to graduate in the share market investment. I am sure if you can read and understand all these books correctly, and if you can implement the knowledge suggested in these books, then you can significantly enhance your riches as well. So, go ahead get your copy of these books and learn the practical concept of stock market investment for beginners.

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