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7 Habits That Don’t Allow You to Work Efficiently

7 Habits That Don’t Allow You To Work Efficiently

Do you know, you are not as productive as you could be? There are seven reasons or habits that restrict you to complete your work with efficiency and on time. Today we are going to talk about these basic problems and solutions of those problems. Do you know, you are not as productive as you could be? There are seven reasons or habits that restrict you to complete your work with efficiency and on time. Today we are going to talk about these basic problems and solutions of those problems. But before moving any further we must understand the important of having efficiency in work. If you are an inefficient employee, then you might face a lot of complications in your work life.  If your work is not completed on time due to your work efficiency, then your boss will blame your for everything whether it was your fault or not. Also, when you and other people like you perform poorly, your company get less profit.  Less profit means no promotion or increment to you and company might think about cost cutting as well. Due to you lack of performance your boss will consider a liability and in the process of cost cutting you will end up losing your job.  That’s not the end of the story. Due to your lack of productivity you will have lack of confidence, lack of knowledge and that will restrict you to get a new job as well.

So, if you are an employee, you must focus on your work efficiency to have a better career and comfortable life ahead. Now let’s talk about the 7 most common habits because of which you fail to work effectively in your office or in general.

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1. Office Gossip

According to various researches and studies employees waste at least one hour daily in office gossip.  This 1 hour office gossip may seem nothing to you but companies are actually losing millions of dollars because of this simple habit.  Even if you work an hour extra to compensate the gossip time, you waste office resources such as electricity, internet and other valuables.  The compound effect of time waste could be seriously damaging.
If you want to make sure your efficiency does not get affected by the gossip, it is always a wise idea to refrain yourself from such communications. In office, if you ever notice a gossip chat, do not allow yourself to stay there for a small dopamine dose. Instead of being a part of the gossip, simply go back to your desk and work. Also, you can simply say, you are not interested in such talks. You should understand that if you will participate in a gossip with someone, few minutes later same people will gossip about you.  So, it is a wise idea not to be a part of gossip in any condition.

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2. Socialization

Socialization is another big reason for time wasting in office.  In social talks and meetings people mostly start talking about those subjects that are not related to work. For a short duration, this kind of talk could be ok and effective for team building, but on a longer duration it could ruin your performance. Needless to say it can destroy a lot of productive hours as well.You must understand that all the friendly matters should stay out of office. If there is anything important or related to work, go ahead and have a talk, but it is not related to the work, then it is a wise idea to postpone the talk after your work hours are over. This way, you not only increase your productivity, but you can help the organization as well by saving your and other’s time.
3. Noisy co-Workers: If you have noisy co-workers it could seriously affect your productivity. Indeed, you may not have much control on the noisy co-workers behavior, but not resisting his or her nature or behavior is your mistake. You should not accept your noisy co-workers or their disturbance.
You can simply ask him or her in a gentle manner to lower their tone or voice. If that is not working, you should ask your team lead or manager for change of desk. You can give a valid reason for this and in most of the cases your problem will get resolved. Either your manager will change your seat or he will ask your co-worker to change. In either way you will get more comfortable working environment and you will be able to work more efficiently.

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4. Social Network and Internet

Many studies proved that employees waste their several hours on social networks or internet during their work hours.  Because of this habit, organizations lose money and employees lose their productivity. To avoid these complications, simply changing your use of social network and internet in office is the only viable solution.In your office, you should not use social network for any personal use. Same applies for internet as well. If you want to chat with your friends or if you want to do some shopping it is a wise idea to do that from your home. Indeed, this is easier said than done, but if you can pull it off, you can enhance your productivity by several folds.

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5. Checking Emails In Every Few Minutes

This is a common habit that people check their emails every few minutes.  Most of the time people even reply all the emails regardless of mail’s urgency or importance.  This habit is never good for your productivity.  To skyrocket your productivity, you must change this habit as well.  You should develop a habit of not checking emails in every few minutes.
For better management you can have separate emails for your work and personal uses. Never share this work email with anyone apart from your work related contacts. You can enable new mail alerts for your work account email and you can hide your mail client’ until the next alert. This way you will get alert for the important emails without checking your mail client.  Also, set a time for mail reply’s and reply all mails in that time slot. If you get any mail that is urgent and important, reply that mail and do not attend other mails before fixed time. Following this rule can help you have more concentration on your work and you can work in an effective manner.

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6. Unnecessary Meetings

Meetings should increase the productivity of team, individual and organization, but most of the time that is not the case. Many times, you may not have any role in the meeting, but you are a part of team so you get invited for it and you spend your valuable time in that meeting.
Before joining any meeting, make sure you enquire about your role in the meeting and importance of your presence in that meeting. If you are required in that meeting, than only go in it or ask your boss to excuse you for work.  I am sure your boss will not get mad at you. Also, if you are participating in any meeting, try to wrap it up as soon as possible so you can get back to your work.

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7. Snacks and Breaks

Of course you need to take some short breaks from your work. Also, you need to eat to stay energetic.  There is nothing wrong with breaks or snacks, but most of the time employees extend this time without any valid reason. In this break time they start gossiping with their work buddies and this delays the overall work.To avoid the delay in work, simply limiting your snacks and break time is the best strategy. Leave your seat only when you have to and come back as soon as possible. If you just want to stretch your back or you want to grab a cup of coffee, do it quickly and get back to work. This way, you can get your break without affecting your productivity. Needless to say, it can enhance your efficiency as well.

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