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6 Movies that can be Helpful for a Family

Have you ever wondered why people who watch movies, stay healthy and relaxed? Well that’s because watching movies help release stress hormones and makes you feel relaxed. However, one should not make it a habit because it can be very addictive. Different movies leave different effects on us. Always try to watch a good movie once in a week with your family. This will help building your bond stronger and will improve the ability to understand the feelings of each member of family. Here is a list of some movies with a strong background to make a life better with your loved ones.

Wonder (2017)

Wonder is a story of a little boy August Pullman and his family. The boy is living with facial malformations and been through 27 surgeries till now. Auggie has been home schooled until fifth grade. His parents decide to admit him to a private school from fifth grade. There his and his family’s life difficulties starts when other children from school makes it hard for Auggie to be a part of the community.

This movie illustrates how a family with a special child, struggles and make it to the end of the road. All they need is love and attention. This is one of a high recommended movie of all time.

COCO (2017)

Another great movie of the era. A story of family in which young Miguel is one who loves music and singing but have bans from the family. One day, he desperately in need of singing moments ends up in the world of dead. Where he finds a friend named Hector as his singing partner and mentor. Together they embark on the journey to unlock the story behind Miguel’s family.

This animation movie tells its viewer’s how much a family and family members are important, even after death. This movie is a great source of bonding and recommended to watch with all family members.

The pursuit of Happyness (2006)

The story revolves around the relationship between a father and a son living in hardships and despair. How a father with no money struggles through to get his son a better life. This movie gives you goose bumps whether you watch it with family or alone. But this will leave a positive effect on you and your family.

The Ultimate Gift (2006)

It’s a story about a wealthy young boy who will get his grandfather’s inheritance after his death. Instead he gets to live a life on self-discovery and in return find the treasure he meant to have. In that instance, he meets a dying little girl and her mother and starts understanding the true meaning of life. How families and relations are more important than wealth and any other thing in the world.

My Sister’s Keeper (2009)

This movie is a story of relation between sisters and the short life span for one of them. How they practice to live knowing that the girl will not live, yet encouraged enough to struggle and move on with the difficulties.

The New Classmate (2015)

Another relation oriented movie from Indian Cinema. This movie also named as “Nill Battey Sanata”. It revolves around the relationship between a daughter and a mother who works as a maid. The girl starts assuming her future just like her mother’s and lose her interest in studies. This movie is all about how a mother sacrifices and do everything she can for her daughter. The story tells a deep lesson.


If you haven’t watch any of the movie above then please watch and share your experience in the comments below. Don’t forget to share.


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