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5 Ways to Boost your Creativity

Creativity is a natural gift to humans but the amount is different in everyone. Though it can be increased with different functions and exercises. Human life is full of ideas and miracles but we don’t see it through sometime. Your abilities and their daily use enhances the percentage of your creativity keeping you unaware of it. So better keep using your mental abilities as more as you can. Let’s discuss 5 ways to boost your creativity in detail.

  1. Keep the New Ideas Recorded in your Mind

It’s common that we get new ideas all the time and most of them ends up lost after a while. This happens because we don’t practice to keep date stored in our brains. Don’t let those ideas go away, instead note them down somewhere for later use. To be noted, things you write always stays. Capture all your new ideas and retrieve them when to use.

  1. Exercise

Physical activities tend to increase mental abilities is a proven strategy. Exercise can do wonders with our body and can increase our creativity levels. Blood flow from doing an exercise reach to our brain and enhance our cognitive processing. Exercise daily for even an hour is essential for every kind of healthy lifestyle. Smart people gets smarter and this technique can never get old.

  1. Pattern-Recognition Technique

This method is one of the most effective method of all. Teaching yourself this technique is sometimes more challenging but once you get your grab on it, this will increase your creativity levels. Let’s say when you are watching a thriller, you can see that all the thrillers use a specific limited pattern of recognition. Some people with higher creativity understand that pattern and predict the story ahead, some don’t. That pattern of recognition we can learn from Maths, Nature or Art.

  1. Volunteer your Thoughts to Challenging Issues

This is another every effective method to improve your creativity levels. Step your thoughts into emerging issues of your industry and environment. Looking into the problems and their solutions, like playing games. When your play an adventure video game, you mostly find ways to recover from different difficulties. Similarly when you encounter a web difficulty in your laptop, you try to open your mind and find ways to solve it. People often look for answers to the questions like “how to end the cold war between countries?” etc. These kind of challenges will upgrade your creative spikes.

  1. Do Nothing

This sounds stupid but it works. Experience says, we can collect our best ideas when we do nothing at all. You could have heard people say, that they often get their ideas when trying to sleep or using the loo. It’s not a joke, rather it happens in the most effective way. Taking your time off from work and giving your brain a rest will pop up great ideas that you will not get even in a highly active brain.


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