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5 Tips to Turn Rejection into Spirit

After spending a well worth time looking for the perfect career for yourself, one becomes more positive about finding his dream job in blink of an eye. That’s when it hurts the most if you gets turned down. It depends what you are working for, as if you are applying for a job or running a business. You can turned down for the job trillion times or you can face a failure in your business. This should not affect your spirit and motivation.

We will cover some tips for one to overcome failure/rejection and turn these rejection into spirit.

  1. Learn a Lesson from Every Rejection

Rejection can be a very useful lesson one can learn from. However, don’t take things for granted and keep your heads up always. A rejection can be a positive thing for you and your profile. Learn from it. Observe what you have lacking and what you can change to get it better for the next time.

Explain yourself better in your documents. Prove it with your words that how you are deserving for this job. Explain your experiences and expertise in details. Improve your looks and verbal skills. Prepare yourself for a better future.

  1. Say Thank You!

Leave a note saying “Thank You” to employees even if you got rejected or you are getting one. It leaves an impression of professionalism. Occupy your space of words in their minds. It’s a positive gesture and cannot be more helpful to you than anything else.

  1. Prepare for Next

Let’s say you were not expecting the result you have received, then one thing you should do is to do follow ups and prepare yourself for more. Keep in mind that this is not your fault that they rejected you, there could be a reason like they would have had anyone in their mind even before they started your interview or it could be anything. So for your next part, be prepared and keep a follow up. Add them on LinkedIn, and keep a record of the information about the company’s revenues, news and everything else, before you go to another interview.

  1. Don’t take it Personal

A lot of people take their rejections personally. This is a bad idea. The thing with rejection is that it’s not your fault, it’s because there are people around the globe who are trying before you even started. So it could be their chance. Never underestimate yourself and make negative impacts on your connections. Be positive.

  1. Ask them and Let the Rejection be your Bridge

Last but not the least, ask what you have to ask from the employees who rejected you. It’s your right and there is nothing wrong in it. Just be a little more strategic when choosing your question. Like ‘what do you think I was lacking in my expertise’?

Moreover, consider your rejection as a bridge that will lead you to better options. Maybe the job you got rejected from was no good for you. Maybe there is going to be a better option for your career out there and your rejections are leading you to them. Hang on to it and be kind to yourself.


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