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5 Places Where You Should Never Take a Selfie

5 Places Where You Should Never Take a Selfie

If you love taking selfies and sharing it on the social networks, then make sure you remember this list of places where you should never take a selfie.

In the present time, taking selfie has become a mental disorder, and many time people take selfies at various unusual and awkward places as well.  People do this hoping they will get a unique selfie that could make them special. Because of this obsession many time people end up clicking some images that are either creepy or unsafe, and this leads them to embarrassment or harmful situation. To avoid such complications, it is always a wise idea that you do not take a selfie in following places or situations.

1. In a funeral

Taking a selfie at a funeral or with the dead body can instantly nominate you as the most suitable candidate for the hall of shame.  Death is one of those moments when you need to show complete respect for the deceased and their family members. If you will see someone taking a selfie in a loved one’s funeral, then you would call him or her a heartless person. So, next time you go to such as a sad event, avoid taking a selfie in any condition.

2. With an accident

Accidents are not good for anyone, and if you take a selfie with an accident, then it will be a big mistake from your side. You must understand taking a selfie at such places will be not only inhumane, but it might cause a serious complication as well in your life.  If you see an accident and you are taking a selfie instead of helping people, then you will get trolled for this action. Also, people would not like you taking pictures of their damaged car or property, and they may have a fight with you as well. And if you want to take a selfie her, then offer your help, have assurance about their safety and after that take a selfie and feel proud.

3. With a homeless person
homeless person

Taking a selfie with a homeless person is also not a good idea, yet many people do that. Whether you are helping that person or you are just passing by you and thought about it, you should never take a selfie with a homeless person.  In case, you want to motivate the world for helping homeless people like you just did, then stay out of the frame, click the photo and share it with a nice and motivating tag.

4. While driving

When you take a selfie while driving, then you not only risk your life, but you put others as well at risk. The driving needs your complete concentration and undivided attention. When you take a selfie in a moving car, then you lose your attention and concentration from your driving, and you put everyone at risk. So, if you ever want to take a selfie in your car, park appropriately, apply hand brake, and then take as many selfies as many you want.

5. At a risky place
risky place

In last few years, several hundred people met their creator while trying to take a selfie. Taking a selfie at dangerous place could give you a lot of liked and thumbs up, but if you make a slight mistake, then you might end up being dead. And making a mistake at such places is very common because you have more concentration on a pout or better selfie, instead of your safety. So, you should never take a selfie at any place that is dangerous for you in any manner.

Also, you should keep your mind open, and you should think carefully before taking any selfie. With such precaution, you will not only avoid embarrassment, but you can stay safe as well. So, make sure you remember suggestions mentioned above while taking a selfie and you never take a selfie at above-mentioned places.

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