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5 Common Mistakes of Cash flow that can end your Business

Every big or small business has to be ruled within some business ethics. There are things that a business need to adapt to survive. Just like the cash flow criteria. Even if your business is very successful, but still it won’t survive the lack of cash flow. A company should manage their cash flow matters very seriously otherwise it will sink deep down. There are some common mistakes that companies do with cash flow that lead to business failure.

  1. Seasonal Importance for Business

Every business deals with their customers and their demands have some limitations as well. There is a time for everything. Market demands the product according to the proper season and that’s when the business is high on profit. But there is an off-season too which lead to low profit accountability and companies to acquire sales and discounts to stay stable with the sales.

However, mostly the profitable sales made through the seasons of different occasions and ceremonies. So companies should keep an ample amount of cash to survive the business in the off-season.

  1. Not having a Record of Time

Well, most of the businesses make this mistake and still keep a milestone to hit. If a business is not earning any profit then the business is not running, it’s sinking. A company should keep the record of time to reach to a certain milestone. While making a business plan, the company should be careful of keeping time and cash flow aligned properly to avoid mistakes in the future.

  1. Being too positive about Future Sales

Being optimistic about your startup is good but it doesn’t mean that you should become completely blind and consider the best sales for your business in the future. A good plan, however works best but it only stays when there are credibility and effort. This is not something you totally depend on for sales. Every new year, your company will need to have a good business plan to avoid circumstances of downfall or loss. Apply some realistic sales strategy and keep your hopes realistic too

  1. Taxes Management

Becoming a taxpayer is not a bad thing. In fact, it is healthy for your business. Not paying your tax on time will make you a tax defaulter and this will take your shares and company’s name down. Which ultimately will get your sales down. So hire a proper tax consultant and get a complete profile of your company’s applicable tax sheet. Handle your tax management and cash flow accordingly to avoid business failure.

  1. Bad Hires

Do not hire a person with a proper hiring process. The procedure should take all the data and information about the representative you are hiring, accountable and you take not too long to try them out. Bad hiring can badly hurt your business cash flow because what’s the good of letting them go after some time along with the cash spending too. So be precise and come up with better and effective hiring process.

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