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5 Common Health Problems Caused By Smartphones

5 Common Health Problems Caused By Smartphones

Smartphones are good for your life, but sometime smartphones can give many health problems as well. Here you can find 5 health problems caused by smartphone.

There is nothing free in this world and many times you may need to pay multiple times in different format for one thing.  Technology is one of those things that need multiple payments in the form of monetary cost, wastage of time and many you pay the cost with your health.  Smartphone is possibly the most common form of technology, but it takes its toll in the form of various health problems as well. For your reference 5 common health problems caused by smartphones are mentioned below.

1. Headache and Insomnia
Headache and Insomnia

Various studies suggest that smartphone is a major reason for the growing insomnia and headache problems among people around the world. Many theories claim, all the smartphones emit a small amount of radiation that is responsible for increasing headache and insomnia.  If we ignore these claims, then also smartphone is directly responsible for these problems because people use their smartphones for several hours in night. This affects their sleeping capacity and focus on small screen causes headache as well.

2. Text Neck
Text Neck

Due to excessive uses of smartphone, people can have a spinal disorder and doctors named it Text Neck. To use a smartphone, people need to bend neck their neck and sometime this bending could be as high 60 degrees. This may not sound much, but continuous bending of neck increases pressure on your spinal cord that may lead to spinal disorder.  Reducing use of smartphone is the best solution to avoid this problem. But if that is not possible, then you should try to use your phone with eye level. Alternatively, you can lower only your eyes instead of bending the neck.

3. Vision Loss
Vision Loss

Experts believe if you will read small fonts for a longer time on your smartphone, then it can affect your vision or eyesight. In some cases, you may completely lose your vision as well for lifetime.  Our smartphone emit a blue light which is extremely harmful for eyes and when we look continuously toward the screen then it increases the strain on eyes.  And if you are using your smartphone in complete darkness, then it can increase the speed of the problem as well. To avoid such issues, always increase the default font size on your phone, and do not look at the smartphone continuously. Also, make sure you have some external light as well while using is so you can avoid this health problem caused by smartphone.

4. Wrist Problems
Wrist problems

If Hold a glass for 30 second, it would not look heavy to you, but in 10 minute it feels heavy and it get heavier by time. Holding your smartphone will leave the same effect on your wrist, and holding your phone for longer duration increase strain on your wrist.  Mostly people use their smartphone with a thumb and last three fingers.  Holding this phone in this posture can increase the wrist pain for you. The way we hold smartphones for long durations, strains the wrist. People usually hold their phones using last three fingers and the thumb while using the forefinger for performing actions on the smartphone screens. Retaining the posture for longer duration every day tends to create pain in the wrist.  To avoid this issue, you should hold your phone in one hand and you should use it with other hand. Also, you can use a stand and put your phone on table while using it. It will reduce strain on your hand.

5. Numb Fingers
Numb fingers

Numbness in fingers is another very common problem that you may experience die to excessive smartphone use.   When you hold the phone in your hand, then it increases the stress not only in your fingers but in your elbows as well. This increasing of pressure reduces the blood flow in your hand and it leads to the numbness of fingers. In some cases, this numbness could last for a longer duration as well. You should simply put your phone away for some time, you should relax your hand and you can use it again later. This will keep the numbness away from your hands.

These health problems are not easy to deal and if you ignore these issues, then it may lead you to number of complications as well. So, next time when you use your smartphone, make sure you keep these facts in your mind. Needless to say, you should do everything in your control to avoid the health problems caused by smartphone.

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