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4 Misconceptions about Business Operations

Today, everyone prefers doing business rather full-time jobs. Business has become easy and much more comfortable for individuals who do not want to be someone’s slave. Doing a job is not slavery but it keeps a precise pressure up on you which sometimes become unbearable. That’s why most of the youngsters prefer doing their own small business having their own space and being their own boss.

But there are still some myths attached to business ethics which may be not true to some extent. We will discuss some of them in this article.

Hiring Ethical Employees will compensate business being non-Ethical

Some business owners try to hire people who have all the knowledge about business ethics and the importance of it in their business. Some companies even hire people if they have little to no knowledge about business ethics. When the time comes, these employees get the company a real profit but does that mean the business is doing well with the ethics? Well, most of the companies think that hiring people with ethical knowledge of business will not hurt the company if the business is non-ethical and there is no need to pay attention to business ethics, which is completely wrong.

Business Ethics are Relatable to Social Responsibility

Most of the time it is to be assumed that business is a part of society and has ruled by society, so why it can be different from social responsibilities. Let’s consider if a business is explained in points, will it be the same as social responsibility practice? Both things are different from each other and this is a misconception people tend to keep in their mind. If you get to write about social responsibility, they will not include practical managing ethics in office such as updating policies, developing codes etc.

There is no Such Thing as Business Ethics

Most of us also believe that there is no such thing as business ethics and there is no need for any business to grow as ethics say. In fact business leaders also don’t take their decisions according to proper business ethics, but they stay as generic as they can be. However, this myth is so common, that on a very advanced level of a company, they face hurdles and difficulties.

Business Ethics cannot be managed

Another myth that surrounds is that ethics cannot be managed in a company or an organization. The bigger the organization is, the difficult it is to be managed. This is completely wrong because every business firm is bound to show some specific ethics according to the nature of their work. For example, an organization working on sales show aggressiveness naturally, while on the other hand, a teaching institute is bound to have flexible behaviors.

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