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Three Rules To Get Success In Your Startup

When you start something new, then most of the time you get a lot of troubles and road blocks as well for that. Because of those troubles or roadblock, many people quit on that thing that they started and they look for other options. If you will stop yourself in anything because of the starting troubles, then you will keep failing in everything else as well. Because you will face roadblocks in that new thing as well and you will quit that again. This cycle will keep going and you will never get the success. But if you want to overcome this problem, then you just need to remember and understand 3 basic principles that can be the key to achieve success in a new start.

1. Don’t Quit

Starting anything is always easier, but things difficult after initiating a task. When you start something then you feel a huge amount of enthusiasm in the start and you start things because of that. But eventually, that enthusiasm fades away and works as a barrier to you and your success. Also, you start looking at the option to quit. This is a very common issue because of which many people fail in things that they start. So, don’t entertain such negative thought and make sure you keep your enthusiasm high. When you will have positive thinking and enthusiasm, then all the hurdles will vanish and it will take you on the path of success.

To understand this let’s take a very simple example: Think you started running with great enthusiasm, you felt good on the first and second day, but on the third day, you thought let’s not run today because you run out of breath, you feel pain and you can run only for a short distance. Do you think you will be able to increase your stamina or will you be able to run for longer distance? The answer is no, you will not be able to do it. But if you keep running, then your stamina will increase, you will be able to run faster, longer and you won’t feel any pain as well while running.

This same thing is applicable in everything that we do in our life. Once enthusiasm fades away, we try to quit and we blame situation or others for our failure. So, if you want to get success in anything, make sure you keep moving.

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2. Don’t Worry About Resistance

When you do anything new, stay prepared for the resistance. This is certain that you will have problem and resistance in anything and everything that you do new and if you are not ready to deal with it, then you don’t deserve the success as well. You face resistance at the start because you don’t get any support from anything. In fact, you always get an opposition from every direction every time, but you don’t notice it because you don’t need support. And when you start new things, then you realize this resistance and you start thinking you are the only one who must deal with such problem.

There is a rule in physics that is known as “Moment of Inertia”. This rule say’s a body do not change its position unless an external force is applied. That means if an object is in stable condition, then it will not move unless you push it and if an object is in moving the stage, then it won’t stop unless it gets an external force.

This rule not only works in physics, but it is applicable in life as well. When you start something new, then just like the moment of inertia things don’t start moving. You have to keep pushing it until things start moving in start with your efforts then, things keep on increasing and later you have very little to do to achieve the success.

For example, let’s take a snowball as an example. Make a big snowball on top of a mountain and push it the downside. In the start, you will find trouble pushing it, you will get oppose from the snow as well and you may fall as well. But once you make it rolling, then the size of snowball will start increasing, it will have more momentum and then it will get support from nature as well to increase its size and momentum. Same applies in our business and life as well and if you keep fighting against the resistance, then a time comes when you get really quick success. And this success will come to you because you were lucky, but it will be yours because of your continuous efforts and dedication.

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3. Embrace The Failure

When you start anything new, then chances are high you don’t know much about the secrets of that particular domain. Even if you have some experience in the work, so many other things may be there that you don’t know yet and that can lead you to failure. If you will try to run away from the failure you will never get success in your life. Instead of running away from it, you should embrace the failure and you should learn from it.

Once you start learning from your failures, then you start improving as well. Henry Ford said it very well “Failure is the Opportunity to begin again more intelligently”. Michael Jordan is known as one of the greatest Basketball players around the world, but he also failed several times before he enjoyed the taste of success. He said, “I’ve failed over and over and that is why I succeed”. Every great person who did anything tremendous failed several times before succeeding.

Needless to say, you also have to follow the same principle and if you fail, then you should not fear with that. You should not allow the failure to defeat you. Instead of that, you shall try again and you will get success in your life. In fact, you can take it as a boxing match in which you get up again when your opponent knocks you down and once a time comes when you beat your opponent and you win the match.

You can learn it again with the example of running. If you start running, then initially, you may run only for a short distance, you find it hard to breathe after the run. But if you keep running without being afraid of failure, then soon enough you cover more distance in less time and you still feel strong inside.

That is why you must understand the importance of failure and you shall embrace it.

These three things may sound simple and you may think about ignoring them, but if you can embrace these things in your life, then you can get success in anything and everything. So, decision is your life is your and you have to decide if you want to be a quitter or winner.

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