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The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

Working 9 to 5 and still not satisfied with what’s earning. It’s a problem with every hardworking individual who seek his dreams in reality. But there are still ways that you can earn handsome 6 digit amount by turning your ideas into microbusiness keeping your full time 9 to 5 income as it is.

This book “The $100 Startup” cover tricks and tips about how you can keep your income running and still kick start new opportunities by combining your passion and ideas into your own business. Which you can start just by $100 and with dedicated hard work, can get double profits.

“Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.”

Chris Guillebeau



The book is second publication of Chris and it’s a huge help to get you start your own business under $100 of investment. The book is a comprehensive study of hundreds of stories people shared about their journeys. Based on different case studies, Chris assembled a step by step guide that you can use to find your passion in your work and make income just by using your laptop and internet.

The book focus on 3 main lessons to learn for your kick.

  • Passion, skills and customers are three main keys to be together in your journey.
  • One of your main focus should be your income and cost.
  • Actions are killer of your plans so keep it simple.

Let’s discuss these lessons in detail.

  1. Passion, skills and customers

Lesson one details with three things, passion, skills and customers. All three of them together will make a perfect picture for you. Let’s say if you have passion for eating pizza, but that’s not providing any good to any customer nor it shows off any of your skills. So if you know how to make pizza and you have your passion towards it then it will help your customers to buy and get to eat a good tasted pizza. Examples are so many but you just have to understand that you need to find something that holds your passion along with skills and also it is useful and demanding for your customer too.

  1. One of your main focus should be your income and cost

Second lesson that we learn is to make our main focus income and cost. But how that we’ll have to take them in control? Let’s say your cost is too high as compared to your income, how on earth will you earn profit? This is a tip that Chris teach us in his book.

You can find funding for your startup very conveniently in this tech era. But first you will have to show a strong amount of followers and a quite earning revenue, even if it’s small. Think out of the box and first start things with very low prices. Don’t go to fancy websites and expensive marketing. Instead hire a salesman who can help you sale your product.

  1. Actions are killer of your plans so keep it simple

Third lesson that we learn from this book is to make our plans as simple as possible. So this one is most important because we often start to plan our business days, even months before we start a step. So keep it simple. Don’t make lengthy and detailed assumptions. Don’t mention too many negative aspects. Just be simple and get there even if you take your first step after a year.

You do find people who keep contributing their suggestions and advices that’s not even worthy for you. Moreover most of them haven’t ever started their startup. So don’t listen to them. Do what you have to do.

There’s a lot of other tips and tricks you will learn in this book if you give a complete book read. You can start your business with $100 by reading a lot of other success stories inside the book for motivation.

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