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Five Weight Loss Hacks Without Any Diet Or Exercise

We all want to lose our weight, but most of us prefer not to do any hard work or exercise for same. Also, we don’t want to go for the painful diet plans. If you just want to lose weight to have a good health and better look, then you can easily do this with few basic changes in your life.  Today we are going to share 5 weight loss hacks that can help you lose weight without any diet or exercise.

So let’s get started

Chew food 32 times

This has been a proven scientific fact that if you chew your food 32 times, you can easily lose your weight.  With this simple trick, you eat less food, you mix more saliva in food that increases the digestive system, and you break food in minute pieces.  And when you apply this hack, you don’t have to worry about eating less food as well.

Take food in smaller plates

According to various studies, when you eat in a larger portion, then you end up eating 30% extra calories. In bigger plates, more food looks less, and in the smaller plate, less food also looks more. This gives you feeling of fullness in your stomach without eating much food. This way you will consume less food, that means you will have fewer calories, and you will be able to lose your weight as well.

Drink plenty of water

This is an important rule that you should follow to reduce your weight. Drinking plenty of water can increase your body metabolism, and it can help you excrete all the harmful substance as well from your body. Also, you should say no to all kind of sugary drinks such as cola or canned juice. These juices not only contain a high amount of calories but contain several chemicals as well that is not good for your weight loss mission.

Get a pet

Exercise is one of the most important tools for weight loss. But if you don’t want to do exercise then you should get a pet, preferably a dog in your house.  Having dog gives you many responsibilities such as bathing, bringing food for him and taking him on a walk.  All these small activities need a lot of physical efforts, and you will burn you calories with it. The best thing is that you don’t feel like exercising yet you burn calories and you lose weight.

Say no to electronic distractions

Saying no to electronic distractions while eating could be the most important thing for weight loss. According to various experts, when you pay your undivided attention to the food instead of TV, mobile or news, then you can lose weight.  Normally brain takes 15 to 20 minutes before sending the signal of fullness, but it can happen only when you have your focus on food. If you are not paying attention toward your meal, your brain may take much longer than this to send the full signal, and you could end up eating more food.  Needless to eating with distraction will increase your weight as well. So, say no to distraction and get control on your weight as well.

The best thing about these five tips is that you can lose your weight easily without any active effort. So, follow the tips that I shared above lose your weight and let me us know the results in the comment section. To have more tips similar to this one, please don’t forget to subscribe our email list.

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