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7 Qualities That Differentiate Baniyas From Others

Most of the people don’t have any idea about the word “Baniya”. It’s a native Indian word that is common in the market of traders and business experts. The word basically is used for the person who is excellent with numbers and accounts. So we will discuss some qualities that make them different from normal people.

Business Filled DNA

The Baniya people are rich with the characteristics of learning and adapting. Their minds are full of numbers and all arranged properly. You can say that business is filled in their genes and DNAs. There are many examples of successful Baniyas in India you can account like, Lakshmi Mittal ($31.1 Billion), Mukesh Ambani ($27 Billion) and Shashi and Ravi Ruia ($15.7 Billion).

They Take Risks

When you encounter a Baniya, you would be amazed to see that they don’t have fear of loss in business. They are the biggest risk takers which make them unique and successful most of the time. For example, Indian Emami owner, Radheshyam Agarwal once left their jobs to start their own medicine business in 1974. After 4 years they found that Himani group of companies are on the verge of going down and ready for selling. They took the risk and bought the company but with the dedication and hard work the company is now named Emami and is a popular one with profits.

Strict in Their Accounts

The Baniyas, because are very much lucky and stable with numbers, so they keep a strict record of their accounts. Even if they are working alone, they can never be careless about their accounts.

Money is everything

They leave everything behind and make their master as money. You will see all those successful minds thinking only about a profitable venture to get in to. They never miss a chance to add money to their accounts but they can leave everything else for it including family and social life.

Fancy Show off Weddings

Even the marriage of their own is not working properly because of the exasperated and busy business life, but they don’t leave a chance to spree when they have to arrange a wedding of their son, daughter, brother or sister. Their nature of being so fancy for occasions is the part of their business techniques. They invite everyone with high profiles and expect a chance for another profitable venture.

Community Freaks

These kind of people are very strict about the rules of their community. They want to keep everything that relates to the community, inside the community. You would have seen this kind of families don’t let their children marry outside the community to keep all the wealth inside.

Adapting Nature

Baniyas have adaptive nature and it runs through families. They have this unique quality that they adapt to every changing lifestyle according to the period. If they have the rule to follow, they do but along with the change in lifestyle. You can say it’s because they have enough to spend but it is also because they have this nature.

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