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7 Healthful Plants That You Can Grow At Home

Best to make a habit of being healthy. Eating green is healthier and very useful for your body. Even green plants are natural purifier for your house and room. People don’t eat green usually because of their different taste. This is just an excuse. Once you make it a habit, you will like it in every way. There are also other seasoning options you can try on your veggies to make them taste better. One best thing is to grow all the benefited green plants that are edible, healthful and purifier at the same time.

Garlic Green

Garlic has always been used to treat a lot of diseases in ancient times. It is famous for its qualities to kill cancer and is very effective for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. You can have its green substance in your food or raw in your salad. Grow them in your balcony or lawn and feast upon it for the next couple of months.


These are the easiest ones to plant and grow at home. Most people grow lemons in their balconies and use the fresh lemons on salad dressings and in various foods.

Micro greens

A very good form of high protein and a healthy diet for your health. All the green leaves for your lawn that are healthy as well as protein filled leaves. You can grow them in small plant pots and even in bog ones in your balcony. Keep them away from direct sunlight and use them in your snacks and salads.


Basil is a source of anti-inflammatory eugenol oil that helps recovering your body from inflammation and swelling. It’s a great herb to use in ulcers and even for stomach burning. You can easily find its seeds from a nursery and plant them in a pot. Keep them in your balcony or even in your room or lounge.


This is another herb that is filled with benefits that you can avail in every meal of your day. They have antioxidant properties and also rich in vitamins A and C. Including these herbs in your diet will help you in many ways. You can grow them in our home very easily just like the Basil.


Kale is a plant that is rich in protein and help you protect from the harmful sunrays when you add them in your diet. They are easy to grow within the house and can harvest after 10 days. They don’t take time to grow and so on. You can find their seeds easily from the market.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is rich in minerals and a lot of other benefits. People use it for their skin and body. Some people use it as a face mask to remove impurities and closing pores. Some consume it to lose some extra pounds. They say it’s a also very helpful for indoor atmosphere. Keeping an Aloe Vera plant inside the room will purify the air and keep the mosquitoes away from the room. It also grows very fast, even within days and you can grow them even by planting a piece of the plant into the soil.

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