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6 Signs That You Are Stuck In a Toxic Relationship

A toxic relationship leads to very dangerous outcomes and it eats up the person from inside. A blind love can be a correct word that turns into a toxic relationship. Either the boy or the girl can get caught into such a relationship. It’s becoming very common by the time is passing. There are signs that can let you be aware of the disease and drowning into the deep sea of blind love.

Unable to leave

A very common sign yet a confusing one. A person gets an extreme thought of the outcomes if his love is ever going to leave him. This thought leads him to do unnatural things and become extremist to some extent. These thoughts sometimes are not that negative and deep but if they are then you are in deep drowning hole.

Roller-Coaster Syndrome

It’s a situation that becomes toxic for both the partners. Avoidance and anxiousness both become a partner and when they encounter, the feelings of crazy behaviors and negative emotions emerge. Both get irritated and dissatisfied that leads to lower self-esteem and higher insecurities. Even if the issues get resolved, both partners will be displeased with the relationship.

Emotional Ups and Downs

There is always two kinds of people in a relationship. One tends to be avoidant and the other one is anxious. This pair makes a relation harder and toxic sometimes. When two persons of the same stereotype merge, they don’t feel right and get away from each other as soon as possible. So, a specific bunch of ups and downs are important for a relation.

Stable Uncertainty

A relation is a name of things that goes high and low. A level of stability occurs when both the partners are agreed to one thing. There is always a high blow chance of uncertainty in a relationship when both the partners don’t feel the urge of intimacy and satisfaction, this leads to a high level of uncertainty that is negative and stable. Thus making a relation toxic for both of the partners.

Unwanted Fights

This happens in most of the relationships. They start from love and ends at fights. Though, some relations don’t fight because of the minor issues but because of the intimacy lack. This kind of relationships don’t last long and become toxic for each other. Applying the rule of love doesn’t work when there is no sense of intimacy. Avoiding situations and become irritated and anxious are not worthy feelings of a relation.

Dangerous Partner

A sense of becoming a worse partner gets high inside the avoidant and they tend to show a lot of negative feelings for the partner. However, this makes him an enemy and leads to an ending relationship.

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