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13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do by Amy Morin

Many times we wonder about the reasons because of which some people get huge success and some fail badly regardless of their education, family background or other factors. Well, the answer is quite simple, all successful people are mentally strong, and they follow healthy mental and physical habits. Their control their thoughts, emotions, and behavior in a positive manner and this control lead them toward a successful life.  Here, we are going to share top 13 things that mentally strong people don’t do in their life.

1. They Do Not Waste Their Time Or Energy To Feel Sorry

They do not waste their time or energy to feel sorryMentally strong people never feel sorry about the situation, complications or losses. Nor they care how people treated them in their good or bad days.  Instead of feeling sorry, mentally strong people always prefer to take the responsibility for their actions and situation. They always understand that life can be tough and feeling sorry for themselves will give them nothing but pain.  That is why they do not make this mistake in their life.

1. They Do Not Allow You To Control Them

They do not allow you to control themAll mentally strong people never give their control to anyone else in any condition. You won’t find them complaining about rude behavior from their boss, they won’t complain about a traffic jam, or bad coffee, or a bad client. They always take the responsibly of their emotions, they follow the choice, and they respond accordingly.

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3. They Do Not Avoid The Change

They do not avoid the changeChange is part of life, and mentally strong people understand that. They embrace the positive changes with open arms, and they get flexible to adopt the changes.  They know change is unavoidable and adopting the change and being the change is the only way to grow and get success in life.

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4. They Do Not Waste Their Energy On Things They Cannot Control

They do not waste their energy on things they cannot control There are several things that you cannot control. These things could be anything ranging from a nasty traffic jam to rude behavior of client or volatile share market. Instead of focusing on things that are beyond their control, they invest all of their efforts and energy on things that they can control and their attitude is one of the most important things in this list.

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5. They Do Not Try To Please Everyone

They do not try to please everyoneThere is one simple rule that you cannot please everyone and mentally strong people understand this rule.  They are not afraid of saying no when necessary, and they don’t even mind speaking up in essential condition. Mentally strong people show kindness and fair nature, but if they need to make someone upset for right reasons, they do not hesitate in that as well.

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6. They Do Not Fear Taking Smart And Measured Risk

They Do Not Fear Taking Smart And Measured RiskTaking no risk is a big risk in itself, and mentally strong people understand this. They do not take reckless risks, but they take calculated risks.  Mentally strong people evaluate things that are at stake and benefits they can get with it.  They calculate all the pros and cons before taking the risk, and they take risks to reap all the advantages from it.

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7. They Do Not Live In The Past

They Do Not Live In The PastMany people wish to change their life or their past. They regret about their current life because of their past, and they wish to change it. Mentally strong people are not like that, they do not dwell in their past, and they learn things from their past.  They use their previous experience to make their future, and that is one of the best qualities of strong people.

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8. They Do Not Make The Same Mistake Again And Again

They Do Not Make The Same Mistake Again And AgainWe all make mistakes, and there is no denying in that. Mentally strong people do not have a week mindset, they accept their mistakes, and they learn from their mistakes. As a result of this, they do not repeat the same mistakes again and again, and this habit helps them grow more in their life and career. If you want to be a mentally strong person, make sure you learn from your mistake, and you do not repeat it again.

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9. They Do Not Oppose Other’s Success

They Do Not Oppose Other’s SuccessCelebrating the success of other people is another important quality that you can find in all the mentally strong people. They do not develop the feeling of jealousy because others are getting success. Instead of such negative feelings, they appreciate the hard work that others investing in their success and strong people work with more enthusiasm to have their own success.

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10. They Do Not Give Up On The First Failure

They Do Not Give Up On The First FailureFailure is part of life, and all successful and mentally strong people also get the failure in their life, but they do not give up on their failure. They simply learn from their failures, and they try again to get success in their life. They keep trying until they get success and that is what makes them different and better than ordinary people.

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11. They Do Not Worry About Lonely Times

They Do Not Worry About Lonely TimesMentally strong people care nothing about lonely times or silence that comes with loneliness. They do not worry or fear their thoughts. Instead, strong people enjoy their thoughts and loneliness, and this helps them to enhance their productivity in the most positive manner.  They can stay happy alone, and that is the quality of that keep pushing them to do more.

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12. They Do Not Expect Anything From The World

They Do Not Expect Anything From The WorldPeople with strong mentality understand world owes nothing to them. If a person wants something that person needs to earn it. They do not expect they deserve to get anything without efforts. But they also believe that they have the capability to earn and get everything they need or want, and that is something that helps them achieve great success in their life.

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13. They Do Not Show Impatience For Results

They Do Not Show Impatience For ResultsIt does not matter what they are doing, and they do not expect a result in a non-practical way.  All people that have the strong thought process, they do not expect anything instantly. When they do the exercise, they expect results in few weeks or months. In business, they expect to result in few months, and same goes on in every domain.

The best thing about these 13 habits is that you can easily develop these habits in yourself and you can have desired success in your life. If you wish to know more about these habits or things that successful people do not do, you should read Amy Morin’s book that is known as “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do”.

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    Being mentally strong is always a privilege to control others. Mental strength is not an inborn quality of a person. Our experiences, our environment, our family, our friends and last but not the least our situations make us mentally strong. So there are some qualities that will help you to make a strong mind-set. In your article you have put across beautifully. Adopt some qualities in your life is one perspective but it’s also important to perform exercises that build your mental muscle. With hard work and dedication, you can train your brain to perform at your peak.
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